About Our Carpet Care Company

The New Standard in carpet care

   In 2004, we set out to create Accu Care. Our vision was -and is- to operate a service company that consistently exceeds our clients' expectations. This is more than a catchphrase or advertising tagline to us; we strive to put it into practice every day. Having been in the business for many years, we were fed up with seeing customers paying exorbitant prices for mediocre service. Today's savvy customers should have higher expectations; in our bustling metropolitan area, too much competition exists for customers to tolerate cleaners who play games with their pricing or who employ incompetent, inexperienced technicians. The carpet cleaning industry has been notorious for running pricing scams and sending technicians to your home with little or no experience, as no certification is required by law to clean carpets and upholstery.


Our family in kennesaw that will get your carpets clean

   We are also not "johnny come lately's" who knew nothing about the cleaning and restoration industry but decided that a carpet cleaning company would be a good business investment. We've been in the industry for over 15 years and have dealt with almost every imaginable situation. Our experience and passion for what we do is invaluable to you as our client. We have put our hearts into building our business and our reputation as the company leading the way to creating the new standard. You simply will not find another cleaning company who cares more about your satisfaction than we do. We value every one of our clients and would love the opportunity to demonstrate for you the difference our commitment to service and excellence makes.


On a more personal note, we are longtime residents of north metro Atlanta and have resided in Cobb County for most of our lives. We care deeply about family, business, and our community.